Friday, June 24, 2011

Vote for Surfers Healing in the Vivint Gives Back Project

As many who have been here before may know, I absolutely adore the people of Surfers Healing. They gave my son a chance to experience something he's never had the chance to do before, and that was to surf out on the ocean's water, with a professional surfer. 

Ashton in Aug '10 @ the Va Beach Surfers Healing event

It was one of the best, and most unique experiences of Ashton's life. He went out with no trepidation, whatsoever, and had an absolute blast! The picture taken above (by me), shows the absolutely amazing look of excitement and wonder on his face. I was awe-struck by how this tough-looking surfer dude was able to connect with my son, and help him enjoy this wonderful and unique experience. There was a pod of dolphins out in the water behind the surfers at one point, and Ashton just laid on the board, totally soaking up the experience. He loves animals, especially sea creatures, so this was an especially amazing moment for him.

I just got "unofficial" word yesterday, that he's gotten accepted into the 2011 Surfers Healing VA Beach surf event, YAHOO!! As a matter of fact, Ashton is also going to be participating in a mini-surf event this weekend, which is set up by the volunteers from the Surfers Healing VB team. What an amazing way to start and end the summer!!!

Vivint is giving away $1.25 Million to charities. Help us win!

Vivint (home security alarm company) is giving back to their communities by giving away $1.25million dollars to be given out to various winning charitable organizations. Surfers Healing is definitely deserving and could help SO MANY more children with autism if they just had more funds.

Please help me, help them by voting today and doing so each and every day! They are quite a distance away from being in a top spot, but I know we can help them win!

Thank you!!! :)

Have a nice day!

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