Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our year, looking back...........

The future rolls in and the past is washed away. (II Corinthians 5:17). 

So.... as you could tell from the last post, our 2011 was quite a busy, fun and crazy year! So, looking back... this is what all went on, starting from most recently, to the beginning of the year!

Christmas - the year of geeky tech and video games! Ashton got his own tablet device, a Motorola Xoom. Holden got a lot of video games, both from us and from his grandparents/great-grandparents. :)
First 4.5 weeks at Ashton's new school - and he's doing great!
CBI trip - Ashton went on his very first CBI trip ... without me having to attend and was SUCCESSFUL!
13th wedding anniversary (12/10/98) - Yep, David and I have been married for 13 years. Hard to believe! Sometimes it seems like yesterday that we were married, and others... it seems like, forever ;) Thankfully, it's usually the former rather than the latter. :)

Thanksgiving - What more could you be thankful for? Time with family, good food and lots of laughs and fabulous conversations!
Gonnawannarunagin 5k & 1/2mi Fun Run - Holden ran his first 5K and finished with a time of 40:47. David ran his first 5K in 23yrs and ran it in 42:40. Ashton ran the 1/2mi. fun run and finished with a time of 6:27 (pretty impressive!)
Ashton started at a new school - After a difficult 6th grade last year (w/ 2 suspensions) and a very rough start to his 7th grade (w/ 2 more suspensions), we made the decision to move him to a new school! He LOVES it!!!
Awesome report card! - Holden had 3 As, 1 B and all Ss on his report card - WTG Dude!

Halloween - Holden dressed as a Dragon Ninja. Lots of candy and he got to go out with his friend Connor's family
First roller coaster ride - Holden went to Busch Gardens for the first time with his cousin and rode his first roller coaster ride - The Mach Tower. He LOVED it!
Ashton makes dinner - Ashton made a pizza for dinner, mostly by himself other than the oven part! YAY! independence rocks!

IEP madness/hell starts/continues... and Ashton receives 2 suspensions within 3 weeks. One in September, the 2nd in October.
Soccer Season and wrestling season starts - First year we let Holden participate in 2 sports in the same season since 1st grade. He did a pretty good job AND he kept his grades up! YAY!
First Day of School - First day of 4th grade and of 7th grade. Where has the time gone?!?!

Hurricane Irene - the boys' 2nd major hurricane... the first one was back in 2003 when Isabel came through shortly after we moved down here. They weathered it well (no pun intended)
David's & Jenn's birthdays - David's last year in his 30s as he turned 39. My last year in my early 30s! Next year I'll be solidly in my mid-30s! Waaaah! Guess what Mother Nature gave us? A bona fide EARTHQUAKE! Wild!!
Surfers Healing VA Beach - Ashton got to do Surfers Healing for the 2nd year in a row. He got to see Kalani from last year, and met Izzy (co-founder of Surfers Healing) and got to surf with Tim. What a blast and Grandma, Grandaddy, Uncle Kevin and Chelsea got to see him surf!
British Challenger Soccer Camp - Holden participated in his first soccer camp, and what a blast! While the weather was pretty excruciating, he learned a lot of good skills and learned that British Folks are some pretty cool people!

Toby Keith @ Eagle Fest - I won tickets to the Toby Keith concert from Eagle 97! I was ecstatic! I took my friend, Cathie Quimby and while Toby's portion started late (due to a sudden onset of bad weather) it was a BLAST!
Trip to Chowan River - Holden rode the intertube by himself for the first time! He did great, even though he got dumped once! he handled it like a champ! :) Ashton had a blast riding the jetski and just in general, riding on the boat :)
Summer School - Ashton went to summer school for the first time in 3 or 4 years. Did FANTASTIC! Such a wonderful experience for him... 
Ken Chertow wrestling camp - Holden attended wrestling camp for the 2nd year in a row. He liked it but the days are really long (9am-9pm). But he learned a lot and made new friends. :)
Happy Birthday America - We had a great 4th of July dinner out at my inlaws! :) Fun with grandparents and cousins... can't ask for more! :)

Mini Surf Camp - Ashton attended a mini surf camp held by Guardian Angels and Team Hoyt of VA Beach. He had a blast and what a way to kick off the summer after a horrid school year! :)
Last Day of school - Holden ended up with quite a few certificates and Ashton got the "Best Friend" award for his class for being friendly.

Happy Mother's Day - Had a wonderful day. Love being with my hubby and boys. :) Went to Chick-Fil-A's Mother/Son date night!
Yay! Brand New TV time! - David walled off a portion of the space above our fireplace and we put in a big 60" wide-screen HDTV!

Happy Easter! - Another holiday with family and easter fun! The kids loved their baskets! :)
Happy Birthday Ashton and Holden - Yep, Ashton turned 12 and Holden turned 9.
Ashton's 2nd suspension - we won't go into the details. But suffice it to say that I wasn't happy, AT all. Ugh.

Operation Smile Final Mile - Holden ran his very first official race. He finished with a time of 8:30. Not bad for a first race. He would go on to run Fun Run mile at his school's field day in 7:15!
End of wrestling season - Holden finishes up his 2nd full year of wrestling. He now needs a new pin board for all of his medals!! :)

New laptop for me! - I got a new MacBook Pro! Loving it! So much better than a Windows based laptop and no longer have problems with it crashing, locking up (although don't ask about earlier tonight, 12/31)
Extreme Makeover build in VA Beach - Holden, Lorey (David's cousin) and I attended the Extreme March to make a difference. We got to see a few of the stars from the show, see the house from the outside and make a difference by donating canned goods. What a blast!

Ashton's VERY FIRST ER trip - We got quite a scare in late January when all of a sudden Ashton's speech went from easy to understand to slurred and unintelligible. He deteriorated and ended up with a fever. Diagnosis (after 7hrs in the ER) was a basilar migraine. We think he was at the start of a sinus infection as well which didn't help. Luckily he was fine after a few days but wow, SCARY!
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 - We had no idea what to expect. Some things happened that we weren't expecting and other things happened that we did. Good, bad and everything in between.

LET'S BRING IN 2012 and have the best year ever!!!!

2011 review in pictures.... :)

LOTS of pictures! Be patient..... it's well worth the look into our year! :)

January 2011: Ashton's first ER trip :( (dx: basilar migraine)
January 2011: Ashton with IV/pulse ox :(

February 2011: Holden in front of EMHE's VA Beach Build

Feb 2011: See, we get snow too! :)
Feb 2011: lookin' like a little pro!

March 2011: See, I CAN do my homework!
March 2011: Wrestling match

March 2011: Operation Smile Final Mile

April 2011: Happy 12th Birthday Ashton!
April 2011: Happy 9th Birthday Holden!

April 2011: Happy Easter cousins!!

May 2011: Happy Mother's Day, Happy Father's Day, Happy Birthday,
Happy Anniversary and Merry Christmas to us! :)

May 2011: Mother/Son Date Night @ Chick-Fil-A

June 2011: Last Day of School (Ashton)

June 2011: Last Day of School (Holden)

June 2011: Mini Surf Camp

June 2011: Mini Surf Camp

July, 2011 - Happy Birthday America!
July, 2011: Cousins in a cage (aka. at the zoo)
July, 2011: The next 5 pictures are from Chowan River
handsome Ashton!

Ashton & Grandad

Holden on the intertube

David and Ashton

Holden and Mommy :)

July 2011: Toby Keith in concert - I WON tickets!

August 2011: Holden's camp teammates at British Challenger Soccer Camp

The next 7 pictures are from August 2011: Surfers Healing Camp
Ashton, surfing with his surfer, Tim

Chilling out with a pepsi

Ashton & Izzy Paskowitz, co-founder of Surfers Healing, Great to meet you!

Ashton & Kalani (one of his favorite people & his surfer from last year!)

Ashton with Tim, this year's surfer

Having the time of his life!

Heading out for another wave

August, 2011: Dealing without lights after Hurricane Irene

September, 2011: Back to School (4th grade)

September, 2011: Back to school (7th grade)

October, 2011: Ashton making pizza for dinner

October, 2011: Ashton and Holden at the pumpkin patch

October, 2011 - First roller coaster ride with Uncle Richard

November, 2011: Ashton in front of his new school, Hugo Owens Middle

Next 6 Pictures are from:
November, 2011: Gonnawannarunagain 5K and 1/2mi. Fun Run
Holden, coming into the finish line - 40:47

David coming into the finish line - 42:40

Ashton coming into the 1/2mi Fun Run finish line - 6:26

David and Holden running :)

Ashton and Holden with the WB XC team :) Thanks for coming out guys!

My 3 runners! :) Great Job guys!

November, 2011: Happy Thanksgiving!

December, 2011: Front of our Christmas Card

December, 2011: Heading to breakfast with Santa

December 25. 2011: Best. Christmas. Gift. Ever!

December 25, 2011: the Christmas of video games! :)