Tuesday, October 5, 2010

wow - what a change!!!

See the chunks of hair he cut out? See how LONG it was, comparatively?

Ashton's hair after we "fixed" it in Dec '09
this was Ashton, just a few days ago (Oct '10)

November of '09 through March of '10 was a horrible period for us. Sure, lots of good things happened but it's when things with Ashton went, completely haywire. I mean, totally off the wall, odd, strange, weird, psycho behaviors. Strongly believe (well, we know based on what Dr. Dozier explained to us) that it was an allergic behavioral reaction to Paxil. Evil drug, at least for Ashton.

Anyways, during that period, he gave himself several hair cuts (two of which happened at school!) The top picture was after the worst one, and then after we had it "fixed"! Well, he hasn't given himself any haircuts since March. We've kept it short all summer, but then decided to see if he'd let us grow it out to a normal, boy haircut. Well, he's done it! (the last picture)

I've even decided to grow it out longer, and see how long he'll let it grow. I think he looks cute with longer hair; it's just going to depend on how hot it makes him or if he starts complaining. Can't wait to see how he looks with "longer" hair!

Have a good one!