Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shamrock Race weekend 2012!

THANKS to our friend Shelley for making this posters for the boys!!!

Hello everybody! Today was an absolutely FANTASTIC day! Beautiful, warm temps and a WONDERFUL day for some runnin'! Holden ran in his first 'solo' longer (meaning, nobody was running with him) race (the TowneBank 8K) as well as his second Operation Smile Final Mile! Ashton was pushed in his first race, also the TowneBank 8K by, Julia Dwyer, runner for Team Hoyt VB! 

It was very cool to watch the race progress and see people we knew running (we saw some wrestling teammates and families, saw some kids Holden has wrestled before) and of course, the teachers from Western Branch schools as well as the parents of some of Holden's classmates.

Anyways, on to the results...... :)

Ashton and his runner, Julia, came in with a time of 47:37 for the 8K! He LOVED it!!!!

Holden came in with a time of 52:16 for the 8K and 8:48 for the Final mile! He had a faster time than some of his former preschool teachers for the 8K (Sorry Ms Cerza and Ms Starkey!). He also ran faster than some of his friends from his school for the Final Mile! 

Holden had also raised money for Operation Smile as many of you may know. He ended up raising a grand total of $785.00! WTG Little man!

VERY proud of BOTH boys! For Holden for doing such an awesome job in both races and for Ashton, he was very well behaved on the course and his runner said he was wonderful! I saw him a couple of times on the course and he looked as calm and as happy as can be! We did realize a couple of things - we need to give Holden a very specific spot to meet us after he runs..... he ended up crying because he couldn't find us (he had moved from where I told him to stand), but was found without too much of a hitch. I had forgotten to get Ashton's runner's cellphone number so it was a bit tricky trying to locate her. I did finally find her on my way back to the equipment trailer for Team Hoyt. But now we've learned and we know for next time! :)

So, here are some pictures...... unfortunately, none of EITHER of them running/riding. I got a couple of Ashton and all were blurry and got none of Holden :( Booo! :( But here's the few that I got :)

wait?! You mean I have to run that WHOLE marked path?! ;)
Ashton and Holden before the race
Ashton in his stroller and Holden

Ashton and his runner, Julia 

Team Hoyt of Virginia Beach runners and riders - this is Ashton's FIRST race with them!

Holden, at Corral 6 (where he started)

Holden, with his WBI classmates who all did a fantastic job in the Operation Smile Final Mile!

WBI Shamrock Final Milers!

Julia Dwyer (runner from Team Hoyt VB) & Ashton with their medals!

Holden with his Final Mile medal
Holden with his 8K Finishers Medal!

Holden's finishers bib that I received in email this morning.
I took a screenshot of it! Pretty impressive if you ask me!