Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ashton's 2nd DAN appt w/ Dr Madren

We discussed Ashton's list of supplements; currently we're doing Cod Liver Oil, Super Nu-Thera, Calcium and Pro Bio Defense (a probiotic, to help promote good bacterial growth in Ashton's digestive system/intestines). Ashton is also still taking Risperdal (1mg), Clonidine (.1mg) and Melatonin (3mg). He's still taking Nystatin as well, but we changed the dosage from 2tsp/2tablets, 2 times a day to 2tsp/2tablets, 3 times a day. The feeling is, if we saw die-off symptoms with the initial dose of 1tsp, 2x a day and then an increase in symptoms from the 2tsp, 2x a day dosage, that we'll see even more die-off, and more positive changes from 2tablets (same as the 2tsp), 3x a day! Whew! So, with the additional Nystatin dose, we've had to revamp his med/supplement schedule, as he can't take the anti-fungal and the probiotic at the same time. We also decided to not use Omega Brite Kidz (Omega 3 supplement/Essential Fatty Acids), as I couldn't find any one place that I can go to and buy all the supplements. Plus, our Dr. Madren said that using Cod Liver Oil might be better than the Omega Brite, because of less ingredients to have to worry about. Whatever, it all works for me. So, the new schedule is as follows: 6:30 AM 1 mg Risperdal 1 tsp Cod Liver Oil 2 tablets Nystatin crushed 1 capsules Super Nu-Thera emptied 1/4 tsp Calcium/Vitamin D hypoallergenic powder 2:30 PM 2 tablets Nystatin crushed 1 capsules Super Nu-Thera emptied 1/4 tsp Calcium/Vitamin D hypoallergenic powder 5:00 PM 2 tablets Nystatin crushed 7:30 PM .1mg of Clonidine 3mg of Melatonin 1 capsule of Pro Bio Defense emptied Sounds like a lot, doesn't it? But in all reality, it isn't. I've seen some children's supplement schedules and they are FAR more detailed, elaborate, and full of many more supplements than what Ashton is currently on. For now, I think it's the right amount of medication/supplements and we're enhancing his base nutritional needs/deficits, so I think we're on the right track. It was funny, Ashton weighed 92.8lbs, WITH his heavy winter coat AND shoes on! He hasn't weighed that LOW at a doctor's appointment (except for his appt during his bout with pneumonia in December) since late '07! It was surprising and shocking, to say the least. *I* was actually really glad, because he had gotten up to 102lbs (yes, that's OVER a hundred pounds at less than 10years old!) and he was just looking SO unhealthy, weight-wise. Now, one of the bad things with this latest increase of the anti-fungals (Nystatin), is we're having a HUGE increase in the obsessive behaviors in regards to the tv/DVD player/computer, again. UGH! I thought we were done with that, but apparently, the yeast is still wreaking havoc in his body, as this OCD/perseverative behavior is usually a sign that yeast is still in over-abundance. So, we plug along with the anti-fungals and have started with the probiotics (Pro Bio Defense) and hopefully we'll battle this yeast monster, once and for all! This whole symptomatic behavior is related to the "die-off" of the yeast, more affectionately known as the "die-off period". But, he's really doing pretty well, overall. His teacher is not coming back from maternity leave, so they've got a new teacher, taking over for the long-term sub that had been in place since November. Ashton met her today and said "she's nice". LOL! How's that for an endorsement? Hehe! She'll be in place tomorrow and Monday, working with the long-term sub and then will be "flying solo" come Tuesday (the 2 aides in the classroom will remain the same, thank goodness!). There is a meet-n-greet/open house on Monday evening for the parents to meet the new teacher. I'm SO glad they're doing this because I want to make sure she realizes HOW important it is for Ashton to not be given ANY snacks/food items that have not been sent in by me, or that haven't been pre-approved with prior notice, by me. We also did another blood test; this time to check for actual food ALLERGIES, instead of just food intolerances/sensitivities. We didn't test for nearly as many foods as we did previously (96 foods, previously) but just the main 8-10 allergens. Hopefully we'll get those results back soon and see if we need to omit soy, eggs and peanuts from his diet as well. These 3 foods showed up on his sensitivity panel, but with low reactivity. We'll see. We also got the test kit for the urine test, which tests for heavy metal toxicity. I haven't done it yet, just because this week has been kind of busy and chaotic. I'll do the collection on Monday and stick it in the mail that day. We'll see where those results take us! We are to go back to see Dr. Madren in April (the 22nd) and we'll see where we go from here. Oh .... and an Ashton funny (and explanation for the picture.... ;) LOL) The other night, Ashton INSISTED that he wanted noodles for dinner. I'm thinking to myself.... he hasn't asked anything pasta, in like FOREVER, but okay, if noodles is what he wants, noodles is what he's gonna get..... I had some rice spaghetti pasta and made him some noodles and then put some marinara sauce on it and he went to town. I happened to be cleaning up the kitchen from mine and David's dinner and I heard Ashton say "I'm gonna be like Master Shifu" (a character from Kung Fu Panda for you uncultured non-parental people, LOL!). I turned around and Ashton had splayed a noodle across his nose (like a mustache) and was laughing and giggling and kept saying "I am Master Shifu". I, of course, had to grab the camera and capture the moment for posterity! I was laughing right along with him and watching him eat his pasta like this totally cracked me up. In any case, his imagination/sense of humor is shining through and he's enjoying making other people laugh. Okay... time to get the kidlets ready for bed and then it's gonna be time for Thursday night TV! woohoo! :)