Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ashton was in the newspaper (and on TV)!!!

How cool is this?! I had emailed the reporter and she asked some questions and a few weeks later, there he was... in the newspaper! :) He got SUCH a kick out of this!!! (I blacked out our neighborhood name and name of his middle school)...

Then tonight, he was apparently on the local news (WTKR, Channel 3). They were talking about the Noblemen's .....  http://www.wtkr.com/news/takingaction/ ...... if you watch the video, the picture is about 35 seconds in. It's just the picture and doesn't say his name or anything but if you've seen the picture or the below newspaper article, you'd definitely know it was him!

A celebrity in the making!!!! :)


Have a good one!