Monday, January 30, 2012

New Test results.....

Yea, so it's a bunch of mumbo-jumbo. I just included the actual test results from the testing not all of the summaries, etc. Basically the jist of the testing summaries say that he's got a lot of scattered skills (as do most children on the spectrum). There were some subtests that he did very well in, until he was "done", and than he just refused. So, my guess is maybe his scores would have been higher had his focus/attention been better. It seems he did pretty good in word recognition, having decoded the words: poise, interject, ridiculous, and budge. His spelling is good, but comprehension skills are lacking (well, he can, but apparently chose not to for testing purposes, stinker! LOL). Math skills are also lacking (it's why he's allowed the use of a calculator per his IEP).

We have an eligibility meeting on Wednesday, and I'm curious to see what is discussed and what results from that meeting. I need to find my copies of the SECEP evals that were done back in 2007, lord help me now! They're not in his cumulative file (who the heck knows why) and I want them in there. However, it kind of helps my case that the last testing Ashton had done (as of right now, on record) is 2001. THAT'S RIDICULOUS! Never again will I let a school district sweep away my concerns for Ashton and forego testing because "duh, it's obvious he still qualifies". Ugh.

Anyways, anyone care to help actually me decipher these results?! I'm at a loss.... the summaries are helpful, but they don't actually tell me what these test results actually mean. 

Thanks! :) Have a great day!