Monday, March 5, 2012

3 Month Follow-Up

So the boys had their 3month follow-up with Dr. Madren.... everything looks and sounds good!

Ashton has lost another 1-1.5lbs (he's now 123lbs) and has grew another 2in (59.5in)! 83rd and 27th percentiles, respectively. NOT BAD!!! I think he's actually a tad bit taller than the nurse measured him at, but he wasn't wanting to stand up straight. But I'm 4ft 11.75in and he is taller than me, I think. Or maybe I've shrunk over the years! lol

Holden has GAINED 3lbs (woohoo! He's now 55lbs!) and has grew 1in (51in). 5th and 8th percentiles, respectively. SO happy to finally see a good weight gain and a growth in height! Yay!

We're keeping Holden's meds as is.... we're upping Ashton's Adderall XR dosage. He's currently taking an approximately 7.5mg dose. I say approximately since we're halving the 15mg capsules when we empty them into his food. I think he could use a small tiny dosage boost but the 15mg was WAY too much, you may remember me saying he was lethargic, wouldn't smile and wouldn't eat on that dosage. We think 10mg will probably be his optimal dose, which is still quite a small dosage considering his size. But if it works, no need to have him on more meds than he needs!

Such a great appointment - short, quick and to the point. They go back in June for their annual check-ups. Hoping for another pound or two of weight gain for Holden and for them both to grow TALLER. I'd rather see Ashton's weight stabilize (he's lost over the last 6months, which for him isn't horrible, but we don't want him to keep losing) rather than lose, but we'll see.

Love these kinds of appointments!!!