Sunday, February 1, 2009

Holden's awesome report card!

Officer Holden at your service!
Holden had to dress up for his Career Day project, and he chose to dress up as a police officer. The belt was actually part of his pirate costume that I unstitched and then pinned to the shirt and used safety pins to attach the handcuffs and walkie-talkie! He then had to stand in front of his class and tell about his job and what service he provides to the community. He got 100% on his project (40% of which was dressing up!). YAY!! Speaking of good grades... he had an AWESOME report card!! Out of 31 areas that were taught both in the 1st and 2nd grading periods, he brought 13 of them up; some of which were Ns (needs improvement) and he brought up to Ss (making satisfactory progress!). He still had a couple of Ps (progress, though still needs help) in writing, which is something I'm going to bring up with the teacher. He just has such a hard time coming up with original ideas when it comes to writing. If he's writing about something he's learned, he can do it; but creative writing is not one of his better areas. But overall, I was EXTREMELY impressed his report card and he got his much sought-after request; a white bakugan and a big bakugan set that comes in a tin. He was ECSTATIC!! The ADHD meds he is on have truly helped him be successful in school. The meds didn't make him get good grades.... he did that but they certainly HAVE helped him have control over his impulsiveness and his attention span in class. I was in his class on Friday to read to his class (along with several other mothers) and I was able to witness first hand his ability to sit still, listen and not interrupt when something is going on that might not be all that exciting. YAY! Just had to share!! :)