Thursday, August 2, 2012

Team Hoyt VB fundraiser!!!!

So - anyone that has been reading my blog since at least March of 2012, knows that Ashton has become a Team Hoyt VB rider athlete. What this means is that in a distance race, he gets to ride in a super cool jogging stroller (made for adults) and gets to feel the wind in his face while he's getting pushed! He has totally loved the experience thus far, and has become attached to a couple of his pushers (Marc Leber and his mom, Andrea). They've now pushed Ashton in 3 races (of the 5 he's done thus far) and will be pushing him in a couple of weeks at the Surfers Healing 5K here in VA Beach. 
Anyways.... to get to the point.... the Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon in VA Beach is coming up on September 2, 2012. As the largest fundraiser for Team Hoyt VB/Guardian Angels Fund, they encourage each rider team to raise a minimum of $250 per team member. Ashton's team includes him, and two wonderful ladies (Louise Battaglia and Kim Thumel) who will be pushing him along the 13.1 mile Oceanfront course. That means his team needs to raise a minimum of $750. 
Holden has also kind of become an honorary Team Hoyt runner/pusher, and will be helping push Ashton in the Surfers Healing 5K (Holden's first official race "pushing") on August 18, 2012. Holden thought it would be very cool to see if he could help out a great group by raising money. He knows how much his brother enjoys surfing with Surfers Healing and he understands Ashton's excitement during the races and wants to ensure these great organizations continue on to do great things. So we set up a fundraising page. We got an idea put in our head by a little birdie, that Holden's fundraising goal should be $818. Why such an oddball number? Why, he wants to raise $818 by 8/18 of course!!

So - $818 + $750 = $1,568! 

We would be extremely honored and humbled with any donation you may consider giving this wonderful group and organization. No donation is too small, In fact, passing this blog post along to your friends and family is a great way to show your support, if you can't financially. Please help us reach our goal! THANK YOU!!!!

A 501c3 non-profit, Guardian Angels Fund / Team Hoyt VB, strives to include the disabled into everyday able bodied activities, more specifically, the thrill of competitive sports. In addition, we support programs that provide these services like Equikids Therapeutic Riding Program. Your donation will help maintain our fleet of 60 racing chairs, trailer, inflatable boats the swim portions of races, website and taxes. Also, Team Hoyt VB will be sponsoring a summer camp in 2013 for 16 special needs children to attend Equikids. This program was cancelled this year due to lack of funding, and we are bringing it back. 
Other programs we have supported have been St. Mary's Home for Disabled Children, Pembrook Elementary Special Needs Playground, Surfers Healing VB, Allen Stone Memorial Races, Childrens Hospital of the Kings Daughters, Young Life Capernaum, RWTTC, Stronger Together, and countless other groups.