Saturday, July 21, 2012

What a BUSY summer!! (LOTS of pics - beware!)

So since the last update, there was Father's Day. I wanted to snag a generational picture of my husband, his father, his grandfather and the boys (4 generations). We have one of the same group of men back when Holden was a newborn, but I wanted a more recent and up to date one :) So glad I got it!

Next, the boys and I went to Nauticus. It was a blast! 
Holden has also started IM (interactive metronome) therapy with an Occupational Therapist "Dr Gracie". He's doing better and better with each session and I'm hopefully that by the end of summer we'll have some lasting effects that will transfer over into his academics, sports activities and maybe even socially. We call them "workouts" since he prefers not to use the term "therapy", but it's all the same ;)

Then, Holden's much anticipated birthday gift was finally upon us - the Rascal Flatts concert at the Farm Bureau Live ampitheater in VA Beach. He was SO excited! We made a poster to try and win backstage passes or upgraded seats (didn't win either, but it was still fun) and had a blast at the concert. He says he wants to go again next year! :) :) Our friend Shelly went with us too, so it was a blast!

THEN .... Ashton had another race with Team Hoyt of VB, and Holden was also running the race too - the YMCA "We Build People" 5K on July 4th! Here's a few of those pics.

Come to find out later that day, Holden placed 2nd in his division!! and Ashton received a medal because his runner, Marc, placed in HIS division! Ms. Andrea placed in her division too!

I told Holden, after this race, that he had to get his hair cut. He wasn't very happy with me, but it came out SO cute and it looks much better, for summer anyways! 

This haircut was in preparation for our annual family camping trip. Holden still says he hates the haircut but I think everyone else totally disagrees! ;) It looks cute and now he looks like a boy from the back instead of a little girl, though I do miss all the waves he had in his hair LOL

So, onto the camping pictures.....

Papa cracks me up! LOL

A peek inside our tent after I made the beds :)

Then.... Ashton has started Camp Gonnawannagoagin! He had a blast his 1st week, and while he did that, Holden and I went to the zoo, the aquarium and just had fun hanging out. 

and my favorite animal picture of the day, goes to:

then last, but not least, was yet another race - this one was the Allen Stone Braveheart Memorial Run Swim Run, 5K and Children's 1mile race. Ashton participated in the RSR with Team Hoyt again, what a blast, even if he did get tossed out of the boat and their overall time won't count. But Marc, Andrea and Ashton were good sports through it all! Check out the pics!

this is why he got tossed out of the boat during the "swim" part of the race.

and they're off!

Marc let Ashton out of the jogger stroller to cross the finish line on his own two feet!

So yes..... a very busy summer indeed so far! :) But what a blast!!!!