Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 review in pictures.... :)

LOTS of pictures! Be patient..... it's well worth the look into our year! :)

January 2011: Ashton's first ER trip :( (dx: basilar migraine)
January 2011: Ashton with IV/pulse ox :(

February 2011: Holden in front of EMHE's VA Beach Build

Feb 2011: See, we get snow too! :)
Feb 2011: lookin' like a little pro!

March 2011: See, I CAN do my homework!
March 2011: Wrestling match

March 2011: Operation Smile Final Mile

April 2011: Happy 12th Birthday Ashton!
April 2011: Happy 9th Birthday Holden!

April 2011: Happy Easter cousins!!

May 2011: Happy Mother's Day, Happy Father's Day, Happy Birthday,
Happy Anniversary and Merry Christmas to us! :)

May 2011: Mother/Son Date Night @ Chick-Fil-A

June 2011: Last Day of School (Ashton)

June 2011: Last Day of School (Holden)

June 2011: Mini Surf Camp

June 2011: Mini Surf Camp

July, 2011 - Happy Birthday America!
July, 2011: Cousins in a cage (aka. at the zoo)
July, 2011: The next 5 pictures are from Chowan River
handsome Ashton!

Ashton & Grandad

Holden on the intertube

David and Ashton

Holden and Mommy :)

July 2011: Toby Keith in concert - I WON tickets!

August 2011: Holden's camp teammates at British Challenger Soccer Camp

The next 7 pictures are from August 2011: Surfers Healing Camp
Ashton, surfing with his surfer, Tim

Chilling out with a pepsi

Ashton & Izzy Paskowitz, co-founder of Surfers Healing, Great to meet you!

Ashton & Kalani (one of his favorite people & his surfer from last year!)

Ashton with Tim, this year's surfer

Having the time of his life!

Heading out for another wave

August, 2011: Dealing without lights after Hurricane Irene

September, 2011: Back to School (4th grade)

September, 2011: Back to school (7th grade)

October, 2011: Ashton making pizza for dinner

October, 2011: Ashton and Holden at the pumpkin patch

October, 2011 - First roller coaster ride with Uncle Richard

November, 2011: Ashton in front of his new school, Hugo Owens Middle

Next 6 Pictures are from:
November, 2011: Gonnawannarunagain 5K and 1/2mi. Fun Run
Holden, coming into the finish line - 40:47

David coming into the finish line - 42:40

Ashton coming into the 1/2mi Fun Run finish line - 6:26

David and Holden running :)

Ashton and Holden with the WB XC team :) Thanks for coming out guys!

My 3 runners! :) Great Job guys!

November, 2011: Happy Thanksgiving!

December, 2011: Front of our Christmas Card

December, 2011: Heading to breakfast with Santa

December 25. 2011: Best. Christmas. Gift. Ever!

December 25, 2011: the Christmas of video games! :)


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