Monday, June 27, 2011

Mini Va Beach surf event & pics!

Ashton got the privilege to participate in a mini surf camp yesterday, and had a blast doing it! He has absolutely no fear of the water and I think he thinks he knows how to swim (but he doesn't, LOL!) He had a blast though and it was a great day to spend at the beach with family! Enjoy the pictures!!!

Mom, the sun is WAY too bright for a picture... LOL

Uncle Kevin took Ashton into the water as soon as we arrived

Ashton, nearly knocking himself over from a wave

Looking for Mom :)

Mom, do you HAVE to take my picture?!

Ashton had quite a crew helping him get on the board and in the water

Hey Mom! Did ya see me?!?

Waiting on a wave!

Trying to help Ashton stand!

He did actually STAND UP at one point but that pic was blurry :(

look at dem eyelashes!

Holden caught a sand flea

Ashton on the board again riding a wave in

totally lovin' the waves

whoa! hold on, i'm gonna fall! lol

that was fun! Let's do it again in August!

Have a nice day!


  1. Love seeing the boys so happy. After the year A has had he deserves having a fun special event.
    Allergy Mum

  2. Thanks so much!! :) He had such a blast and can't wait til August when we do the main Surfers Healing event! :) He is sooo not afraid of the water! hahaha :)


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