Friday, May 11, 2012

Sweetest Mother's Day gifts ever! :)

I HAVE THE TWO BEST BOYS AROUND!! :) Mom loves you both VERY VERY much!!

This was probably the first year that I can remember the gifts and crafts
that came home for a holiday, actually being made by Ashton. I LOVE THIS!!! :) 
Sweet boy with the card his teacher helped him make and the flowers and vase he made!
I really LOVE that he loves me because I'm Happy! :) And the other side says "Love Ashton"....
If he messes up, he doesn't erase or cross out, he writes over top of the other letters.... ;) 
The vase is beautiful as are the tissue paper flowers! Love this!! :)  
and not to be left out, Holden with the beautiful flower he made and brought home :)

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