Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Using his words.... more and more!

You know..... I actually love getting phone calls from Ashton's teacher now. I'd dare say I get more phone calls now from Ashton's teacher than I ever did before. But there's one major difference..... the positivity of this teacher versus the old one! I mean even when she's calling with a concern and/or question, it's not laid out to be a life and death situation. I have only once been called to come get Ashton from school, and that was last week, and not for a behavior problem but because he was sick. He was fine about leaving the school building until he realized we were going home, "Can I go back into the school Mom?" Ahhh.... poor dude! Luckily he felt much better the next day (no fever or throwing up, just a general feeling of malaise) and was back to school in much better spirits.

Last night even, was funny as heck... he burst into tears because "I miss Ms D. I want to see her. Can I go to school?" - mind you, it was bedtime but wow! He was completely distraught! Good thing he was back to school this morning! It shows how happy he is at this school and how comfortable and attached he is!

He's even finally starting to comply with his work. I mean, he's not 100% successful at it yet, but he's come a long ways from where he was back in November when he first started at this school. And to think, it's the same type of class placement, just a different school (with different staff and administration to boot!). Amazing how the right person(s) can make all the difference in the program.

And to get to the point of this post.... Ashton is using his words, so much more these days. He's using them more in written work (as evidenced by my last post, lol) and is talking more and more in school and the jargoning/babbling is much, much less. In the classroom he's apparently talking quite a bit - to everyone! Teachers and classmates alike! He's aware, he's conversing, he's socializing! This is a huge step forward for him! Apparently, another teacher (Coach B) came in to Ashton's classroom earlier this week. Ashton, as a way to avoid doing the task the teacher was trying to get him to do, jumped up and said "Coach B, I really need to talk to you!" ;) :D STINKER! He knew what he was doing and giggled and clapped and was in general being silly. The teacher told him to stop avoiding his work and he went and sat back down to continue on with his work. The Coach was astonished! He'd not really heard Ashton talk, in a conversational/social way before! YAY! My boy is letting himself and his words BE HEARD!!! :)

Anyways .... he continues to do very well and we're very, very proud of him. Can't believe in about 6 weeks he'll be a teenager! A teenager?!? Yikes!! that's a scary prospect!

Have a great night all!

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