Friday, February 17, 2012

He's finally getting it!


Ashton was able to attend to an 8minute task today.


I can't begin to tell you how BIG of a deal this is!

He apparently got upset earlier in the day when he was non-compliant with a task but wanted a treat. They explained to him that "you do not get a treat if you get up from the table at lesson time". He was M.A.D - VERY VERY M.A.D!

So mad, that he went and grabbed his daily journal and wrote "NO MAM" (no ma'am) over and over and over and over and over and over again..... on top of one another even. He expressed his anger in a completely appropriate (albeit, comical) way. Sure, there was a second or two of screaming but then he went and got his journal. He EXPRESSED himself! APPROPRIATELY. I cannot even BEGIN to explain how big of a deal THAT is either.

His teacher is constantly amazed that he expresses himself so freely. Happiness? He giggles, laughs, flaps and claps, and teases/plays with you. Mad? Screams and claps/flaps (harshly, not gently like when he's happy) and loudly protests. When he's sad? Oh it's pitiful... the tears. The sadly scrunched up face. The D.R.A.M.A!

Anyways... a little later, he asked for his treat and was told no, because it was not a lesson time yet and he would have to wait until it was time. So, when the teacher got ready to do the lesson (he's being worked with 1:1), she reminded him again that he would not get a treat if he got up from the table during the lesson.

Well... he sat there for EIGHT minutes and finished the task. He earned 5 chocolate chips because they were so excited that HE "got it!"

It's in there..... :)

HE'S in there.

It's getting him to allow us to see that sweet, smart and funny boy that's in there!

So proud that he's learning to more appropriately show his anger (I'm going to get him a journal for home, so he can do this at home too) and that he's finally getting the idea that he needs to do work at school.

SO SO SO SO proud! :)

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