Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The excitement is building.....!!!

Yes folks.... it's true..... Daiya Foods is FINALLY getting ready to release their cheddar and mozzarella style shreds on the retail market! Woohoo! It's apparently in the distributors now and the crowds are asking, begging and pleading for their natural food, or health food stores to carry this. It should be widely available (within the health food/natural food market) by April 1st! Yay!

What struck me the most about the packaging is ... it's "pretty"! I love how it tells you everything you need to know about the product right on the front! Better yet? It doesn't even look cluttered.... and they share a LOT of info right there on front! The picture of the cheese on the front (although I can't tell if it's a picture of the product, or if that's a clear window and you see the shreds through it) looks absolutely scrumptious..... like CHEESE - you know, the dairy-laden stuff....

I'm anxiously awaiting my arrival of the Daiya cheese I ordered with a group of friends. While this won't be directly packaged from Daiya, it's a good teaser for when the product DOES become regularly available directly from Daiya. My favorite allergy free food store, Navan Foods, is hoping to have it in their store within the next week or two! I jokingly told Jennifer Elizondo that maybe I should camp out at the store the night before it becomes available so I can be sure to get some! ;) Seriously Jennifer... I was kidding..... though it is a tempting thought. :)

So enjoy this product when it becomes more readily available..... I know that my son sure will!

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