Sunday, January 1, 2012


So.... New Years resolutions come and go. I never seem to be able to follow through with one. Whether it be weight loss, cussing less, more patience, etc. But, I do need to do all of these, so I'll move those over to the "Make Lifestyle Changes" column and try and follow through with them. However, I think setting an attainable goal is a good thing, so my New Years resolution will be....

Cook/bake/buy more culturally diverse foods. 

This one should be easily attainable. We started off the New Year with one.... homemade hummus with some store-bought naan (need to learn how to make it). I want my family to eat stuff other than tacos, spaghetti, burgers, and our normal dishes.

Oh, I thought of another one and this should make my fellow bloggers happy.....

Visit and comment on more like-minded blogs!

This is another one that should be more easily attainable. I've accumulated a list of blogs that I love to visit and read, but I hardly ever comment. That. Must. Change. NOW! :)

So, be looking for me to visit your blog and comment more often! :) Maybe we can reciprocate the linking to each other's blogs?


oh, and Happy New Year everyone! Live long, love much, be happy and prosper!

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