Monday, January 9, 2012

Case of the "Mondays"

Did you know that there's an official affliction called .... the "Mondays"?

Ok in all seriousness... it's not official, or even a real affliction, but boy, it seems that it's running rampant amongst my fellow autism families today. And yes, it's Monday. The first full week back to school for many kids. (Last week was a shortened week).

Ashton wasn't "bad" at school, but he refused to come to group for any of his lessons. So therefore, he didn't get to bring a DVD home from school, and *that* my friends, made him mad mad mad mad MAD!

He apparently had a complete and total meltdown. Screaming down the hallway, etc. But, the school handled it but the teacher called me to ask me what she should do. I said DO NOT under any circumstances, send the movie home with him. He's smart enough to know what he did (not do work, the guidelines were very clear: come to group, participate, do your work. If not, no choice of DVD to take home). The sooner we make that very clear for him, the sooner he will realize that "hey, I want that movie, I need to do my work".

And honestly... he's been fine since he got home. He went to his elective and to PE this afternoon after the meltdown and did fine.

So, it wasn't a horrible day .... just one where Ashton (hopefully) learned a very valuable lesson. Do your work, so you can have the reward. (and really? we're asking for a 50% participation/work completion ... that's not too hard for him, since he did it 2 days last week).

So - here's hoping for a better Tuesday!

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