Saturday, November 12, 2011

They were once so small.....


Ashton's coming home outfit (left) and him as a newborn. He was born at 5lbs 14oz, 17.5in and was down to 5lbs 6oz when he came home (and probably got down to closer to 5lbs before he started gaining weight, tiny dude!). But, I found his coming home outfit the other day and was astounded that he was EVER small enough to fit into something so itty-bitty! Yes, the outfit was a preemie-sized... and it was a cool spring day when he came home, around 50ish degrees. Amazing that the tiny peanut that wore that outfit, is now around 130lbs and is so close to 5 foot tall he can taste it! ;)


Holden as a newborn (left) and his coming home outfit. He was born at 6lbs 1oz, 18.5in and came home at 5lbs 8oz. He however, grew pretty quickly and was back up and over his birth weight by the time he was two weeks old! He was a chunk-a-munk baby.... he grew incredibly fast, and was over 15lbs by the time he was 4months old! But now, at 9.5years old, he's back to being tiny again! He's around 53lbs and is 50in tall! But sometimes the best things come in the smallest packages, or that's what we keep teling him! :) But his coming home outfit was also a preemie-sized, but, it was over 100degrees on the day we brought him home! Amazing the difference in a matter of 3 years between the two boys' births! 

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