Saturday, July 2, 2011

First week of summer school = SUCCESS!

"Any rough times are behind you"
How poignant is THAT fortune?! hahahaha....

Well - the first week of summer school is OVER! :)

Ashton had a pretty good week, with only one real meltdown in the computer lab. NOT BAD!

He went on to have a good day on Thursday.. so he got to go see Cars 2 as his reward!!! It was a really cute movie and Ashton said "I want to see it again!" and Holden said "it was better than the first!"; to which I laughed because when I took them to see the original Cars at the movie theater, Holden fell asleep. He was only 4years old at the time and the movie is nearly 2hours long; he just couldn't quite make it through. Hahaha...

But yes - summer school is going pretty well! He was supposed to of seen his ESY OT at school on Thursday; I need to get ahold of her to see how it went. ESY teacher should be starting this week and well, who knows about ESY speech. Still haven't heard anything so I'm guessing one hasn't been found. Guess that means we'll be looking at compensatory services near the end of summer.

Have a Happy & Safe 4th of July weekend everybody!

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