Saturday, July 9, 2011

**AWESOME** What a way to wrap up the week!

How do you follow up one really great day at school? You have another!

Here's the note home from Thursday......
I left your note about camp next week on ::regular teacher::'s desk and both teacher assistants are aware too. Ashton had a great morning! He transitioned extremely well from computer time today! He was the first one logged off the computer and lined up to go back to class. He led the way back to class. He worked with the occupational therapist again today for an hour too. He worked on Brainpop Math & Englsh today and took graded quizzes. He got 6 out of 10 on multiplication and 5 out of 10 on reading about an author, Roald Dahl. He worked really well. He also drew a picture for his journal today and showed the class. The topic was "What do you plan to do this weekend?". He shared with us that he plans to be happy and good. He got a sticker from the OT today and he earned extra free time on the computer time today from me. He read a book and went to the library and did an excellent job checking out a book. He should get his reward. Have a great weekend! ::sub teacher::
I cannot believe the total 180 degree turn-around that Ashton has made, even from just one month ago at school. That's what is most hardest to decipher, just one month ago, his school was still having such big issues with him. Why the sudden turn-around? Why, is he all of a sudden, trying new foods? Being more verbally appropriate? Acting more, dare I say it, neurotypical? Oh don't get me wrong, he's most definitely still autistic and always will be, but he's being more appropriate in just about every aspect of life. Yes, he's still having his moments, but overall, a major improvement in all areas; academic, behavior, social, communication, etc etc etc. Yay!

Then.... you follow up a great week at summer school, with a great 2hr session of ESY academic instruction! YES! He's totally rockin' this summer, which is awesome! So happy for all of the improvements.... :) :)

Have a nice day!

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