Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's a matter of perspective......

Life happens.....

Things happen......

even more importantly.....
things happen in life for a reason ......

I know I've moaned and groaned and complained about this school year. It may seem, that nothing positive has happened, and that would be very wrong to say, because lots of positive things *have* happened.

1. Ashton got to experience a (mostly) once in a lifetime opportunity last August; the joy, magic and healing of Surfers Healing. Ashton has always thoroughly enjoyed the water and has never really been afraid of it, and he took to surfing, well, like a fish! Thanks to Kalani, one of the Surfers Healing surfers, and Surfers Healing for allowing Ashton to have such a wonderful experience.
Ashton & Kalani
Catchin' a wave!

2. Ashton got to experience the fun of snow! Yes, it's snowed here before; nearly almost every year that we've lived down here. But Ashton just never seemed to take much interest in it. However, this year he had a ball (pun intended) throwing snowballs at his brother. Take a look at this winning smile!
See, snowball in hand! ;)

3. Ok... so while having a trip to the Emergency Room is not necessarily a positive thing, the care Ashton received and how well he did with a totally unexpected trip and new situation/surroundings, was amazing! He had, what the ped. neurologist said was a basilar migraine or a complex paralytic migraine.
Sleeping in the ER
See, he even had to have an IV :( and pulse oximeter and he did awesome!

4. and while school has been the thorn in my side since nearly the beginning..... the fact that we've made it to middle school is amazing! I look at how far he's come since fall of '01 when we got his Autism diagnosis and wow. amazing changes.
First Day of school this year

I remember this day, 12 years ago like it was yesterday.... having been told that because my blood pressure was rising and the fact that we were expecting a largish baby (8+lbs and 22in) that we should induce two weeks early to ensure a healthy delivery for all.......... After having been on bedrest from 29weeks until 37weeks for pre-term labor, we were in for a ride of a lifetime!

The story continues tomorrow.....


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  1. I had never heard of Surfers Healing before. That is really awesome!


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