Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ashton's results from his food allergy testing

Wow - good thing we have went GFCF; he shows a moderate reaction to Casein and a low reaction to gluten. Those are both probably in those ranges because he's been GFCF since August; imagine the reactions he'd of had if he hadn't been GFCF yet! The BIG surprise though is oranges and grapefruit! While Ashton has never had grapefruit, he has eaten oranges (one of the few fruits he WILL eat!) and drinks orange juice/ sunny D almost DAILY!! So now we're under the advisement to remove ALL citrus fruits from his diet! (and I will be checking labels ..... just to be sure....). This really isn't that big of a deal but the juice is one way I was getting vitamins into Ashton, ugh! So now I need to get the stool sample sent in; so we can get the tests done for the yeast. We'll see how this goes. It's good to know and have a validation that we made the right move going GFCF, yay! But it's also sad to know that he might not ever be able to eat "normal" foods again!

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