Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hanging my head in disbelief.... HELP AMELIA!!!

Read about Amelia Rivera's story, Kidney Transplant denied.

I cannot believe, that in this day and age, that a child is being denied a life-saving kidney transplant due to her cognitive disability ("mental retardation"). But that is exactly what is happening to little Amelia Rivera, a two-year-old little girl. She is in need of a life-saving kidney transplant, and just a few days ago, her parents were told that the transplant would not be happening because their beautiful little girl, Amelia, was ineligible due to her mental delays. Not because she was in too poor of health, not because there wasn't an available kidney (her family has a family member match), but because she has cognitive delays.

How is any of this even a question? A child needs a transplant, and if a donor can be found, you give it to them? Mental delays or not, it's still a child.... someone who deserves a chance at a life.

The doctor who told these parents that their child could not receive a potentially life-saving kidney transplant because she was deemed ineligible due to her mental delays (or in his words mentally retarded) should be absolutely ashamed of himself and humiliated. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia should be ashamed of themselves.

What's even worse? This is apparently a common theme amongst a lot of hospital here in the US, and that's just wrong in so many ways. This makes me cringe. Ashton is not classified as mentally retarded (intellectually challenged), but this makes me wonder if we ever found ourselves in a situation such as this, would he be denied for the same reason?

THIS HAS TO CHANGE! Please sign the petition located HERE, to show CHOP and everyone else that us as Americans will not stand for this.

Thank you and Good Night all!

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  1. Thank you for blogging on this.

    One blogger is collecting a long list of links to what people are saying about the Amelia situation:

    The organization "Not Dead Yet" has also blogged on this situation. If you aren't already aware, this organization campaigns to educate medical personnel and the general public that, YES, the lives of people with disabilities ARE "worth living" and that our capacity to enjoy life is NOT diminished just because we have disabilities. Their post at:

    I've signed the petition and left a comment at CHOP's facebook page.


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